GSI Awards

Philosophy behind the Grad Science Innovation (GSI) Awards:

Dr. K. V. Rao Scientific Society (KVRSS) is a not-for-profit Society, dedicated to the promotion of science among youth, from school students to University students. With a view of fostering spirit of scientific enquiry and promoting innovation among students, KVRSS announces an annual science fair wherein the Grad Science Innovation Awards will be given for entries displaying scientific concepts for unique solutions to every-day issues through some novel concept / method / process / device.

The GSI Awards contest aims to encourage innovation among college students, both graduates and post-graduates, through a competition wherein the Grad Science Innovation Awards would be given to the students who come up with the most original exhibits/concepts in various fields of science.

The competition is open to all students pursuing graduation or postgraduation in the state of Telangana.

The proposals should focus on Innovative Ideas and not a mere compilation of ideas or project – work downloaded from the internet.

KVRSS GSI Awards 2020-21

The competition is open to students pursuing graduation or post-graduation in sciences in the state of Telangana. All students must have permission/certificate from the college to enter the Competition. The decision regarding the students' eligibility to participate rests with KVRSS - who in turn will constitute selection committees consisting of eminent scientists. The decisions of these expert committees will be final.

A. Entry requirements from participants:

  • Summary: A brief overview of project in English.
  • Particulars of the Team: (to be filled as in the attached format)
  • Proposal: A detailed description of the issue being investigated, its importance/relevance, methodology pursued and the expected result.
  • Concept: The scientific concept being used or explained.
  • Research: A write up of the research undertaken for finding the solution.
  • Materials & Method or How: Detailed description of the experiment/s or design
  • Results or What was found: Experimental data of the experiments or testing, and analysis of the data
  • Discussion: Interpretation of results.
  • Conclusion/Report & Future Work: Details of the outcome of the result and an explanation of the results obtained.
  • Bibliography, References and Acknowledgements.

B. Awards:

The awards would be given as follows:
  • Winners Rs.12,000/-only
  • Runner-up-I Rs. 9,000/- only
  • Runner-up-II Rs. 6,000/- only

C. Judging Criteria:

  • How inspiring is the idea?
  • Interest & Creativity demonstrated by the team.
  • Knowledge and use of scientific concepts.
  • Impact of the results / solution obtained
  • Presentation and communication skills.

Decision of Judges is final & no communication in this regard will be entertained.

D. Eligibility:

  • A student can be part of only one project.
  • A student must be:
    • A regular and bonafide student of a college / institution
    • Should be pursuing BSc or MSc in any branch of science.
  • A team may have a maximum of three members and from the same college / institute.
  • All students must have permission/certificate from the college to enter the Competition.

E. Registration:

  • All students, individuals and teams, must register as per the format given.
  • Each Team must have a Team Leader identified .
  • Complete project and all additional materials must be submitted on or before 30th November 2021
  • Registration and submission of a project does not guarantee an entry into the final Presentation.
  • Projects selected for final presentation will be intimated by 15th December 2021
  • Final Presentation of selected projects to be held online on 8th January 2022
  • Team Leader will present the project to the panel of judges
  • Any changes in event dates will be intimated immediately


Projects that are just informational, working-models, kit building or downloads from internet will not be considered. A project maybe a part of a larger study performed by professional scientists, but the project presented by the students must be only their own portion of the complete study.

Scientific fraud and misconduct are not condoned at any level of research or competition. This includes plagiarism, forgery, use or presentation of other researcher’s work as one’s own and fabrication of data.

Fraudulent projects will fail to qualify for competition. Students must send the information as per the following format to register.

Format of Application:

    Number of Students in the Team:

  • Name of the student 1:
  • Photo
  • Degree & Year:
  • Date of birth:
  • Address:
  • Mobile number:
  • Email address:
  • Name of the student 2:
  • Photo
  • Degree & Year:
  • Date of birth:
  • Address:
  • Mobile number:
  • Email address:
  • Name of the student 3:
  • Photo
  • Degree & Year:
  • Date of birth:
  • Address:
  • Mobile number:
  • Email address:
  • College name:
  • Address:
  • Telephone number:
  • Mail ID:
  • Mobile number:
  • Principal's name:
  • Mentor's name:
  • Address:
  • Mobile number:
  • email address:
  • Title of the Project:

Complete Details of the Project (as given in Point A) * All students in a team must submit the above details.

Please send your soft copy of the completed application to the following email id along with any pictures and videos:

Contact for details:
Aparna- 9959664000/7093600794
Neeraj- 7093601588
Ratna- 9959444933